With a loving hand, we refine our historic distillery spirits and other specialities to a high quality.

Production in progress

Each stage of which is performed manually: delivery of raw materials, storage, bottling, labelling and packing, are all completed using traditional methods and by hand. Together we ensure the continuing quality of our classics and constantly trial new products.

We no longer distil at Hollen, preferring to use this historic location for storing and mixing of the final product. The final product quality depends not only on the purity at distillation but also on a number of other factors:

  • the quality of raw ingrdients used,
  •  the nature and size of barrels,
  • the length of storage.

We only use the best quality herbs and spices to make our products, acquiring these from a diverse range of suppliers. We are proud of our range of storage barrels (expanded on below), that are key to the quality of our product. Regular quality control will determine the optimum time for bottling.

Kornbranntwein (*corn brandy)

With time, our “Kornbranntwein” changes to develop a wonderful taste, as the first clear corn brandy turns yellow-golden and the product smells a lot milder due to the storage in oak barrels, where the bouquet changes. By storing the product in old oak barrels (the French limousin oak is the most common holm oak) our product gets milder and receives a slight hint of vanilla. The vanillin is produced by the reduction of the lignin contained in the oak through the alcohol.

After storage, the product is bottled, corked, capped and labeled by hand.

Technical collection

An important and impressive part of today’s distillery is the technical collection. Otto Clüsener expanded the collection with further historical machines and objects from different distilleries. A unique collection has been made with great effort and passion.

Our secret recipe lies in our long and rich family traditions, from which we draw our expertise to develop exceptional products. We combine the best possible traditional production methods to be able to offer top-quality products.